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Product Description

Lovetuner MalibuLovetuner Malibu

The Lovetuner – calibrated to 528 hz, the so-called Love Frequency, is a breathing and meditation device to calm the nervous system. It increases lung volume, strengthens the immune system, brings healing, and homeostasis on a cellular level.

How do you Tune-In?

Step 1 Lovetuner

Step 1 Lovetuner

Step 2 Lovetuner

Step 2 Lovetuner

Step 3 Lovetuner

Step 3 Lovetuner

Take a Breathing Break

Pull the Lovetuner out of the cap and place the side with the engraved C between your lips.Blow gently into the Lovetuner – like a whistle or flute – to create a smooth, long note with a constant volume. We recommend a soothing and quiet tone, rather than blowing hard to make a loud noise.

Tune In and Arrive in the Present Moment

You can make the note last as long as you like. Athletes have experienced Tunings of well over a minute per exhale.After exhaling, inhale through your nose allowing air to flow into the center of your body. Just leave the Lovetuner between your lips as you inhale, then exhale again to start a new Tuning Cycle.

Invite Love In Your Life & Create Happiness

Repeat as long as it feels good – we recommend at least 6 Tuning Cycles.You can tune almost anywhere: at home, during office breaks, in the car, with friends, on your yoga mat, in nature, etc.After Tuning, enjoy the silence and your fully-tuned refreshed state of being.Caution: May cause miracles.

Lady holding bronze LovetunerLady holding bronze Lovetuner

Why do Tuning?

To achieve an altered state rapidly in which it is possible to:

Reduce stressPrevent burnoutStrengthen your immune systemIncrease your lung volumeImprove your healthFind inner peace through repetitive breathingArrive in the here and now

Denise Richards New York Magazine LovetunerDenise Richards New York Magazine Lovetuner

Lovetuner stimulates youLovetuner stimulates you

More Lovetuner benefits

Other experiences can also be stimulated and strengthened through tuning:

Increasing awarenessLetting go of pointless thoughts and anxietyMoving from the head to the heartSlowing downGetting to know a simple meditation toolLetting go, relaxing and finding balance Increasing concentration levels and much more…

Care Instructions:

To protect your Lovetuner, place it back in the cap with the C facing up. The Lovetuner is a sensitive, exact pitched music instrument and needs to be handled with care. Keep your Lovetuner neat and clean, avoid dropping it and always store the tuner in the Lovetuner cap for protection. The Lovetuner is exactly pitched to 528hz but careless handling and extreme temperature changes can cause deviations to the frequency.

Instant shortcut to meditation- This calming device will help you to reduce stress, prevent burnout, strengthen your immune system, increase your lung volume, and improve your overall health & well-being.
Find inner peace through repetitive breathing. You can tune almost anywhere: at home, during office breaks, in the car, with friends, on your yoga mat, in nature, the possibilities are truly endless.
Give the gift of natural stress relief & anxiety relief, inner peace and total relaxation with a sound healing meditation tool. Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, yoga retreats and other special occasions.
Everything is included – High quality two-piece calibrated tuning necklace, waxed cotton cord or ball chain, special gift box and easy to follow instructions. Made in the USA

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