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(as of Mar 20,2022 18:27:39 UTC – Details)

Bag light is a great accessory for purses and handbags or as a mini portable tent and backpack light when hiking or camping. Thanks to the versatility of this mini led light you can use it for several purposes and not just the ones already mentioned, for instance as a drawer light in your camper van. Enjoy the freedom the light gives you and use it whenever you need an extra lighting source. The light has a battery included and is ready for usage. Instructions of use: You can choose to have it always on, off or activated by sensor. Choose the setting you want and put the light in you purse, backpack or in your camping tent. How the sensor works: When you have the automatic sensor mode activated the bag light turns on by itself whenever you open your bag or purse as soon as it registers movement from your hands.
Strong light; With three strong lamps the lighting is good for many different uses
Can be used as camping accessories and as a led camping tent light or as hiking backpack accessories
Ready to use; It comes with a pre installed battery and is ready for use instantly
The purse light has 3 modes; Always on, automatically activated by sensor and OFF
The light illuminates the inside of your purse, tent, handbag or backpack as soon as the sensor captures movement, perfect when it is dark

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