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Product Description

Controlled design allows you to say the most with the least, taking only what is needed and allowing it to be known. The newest offering in the JORD collection, the Hyde series, is a model of this minimalism. Cutting through the noise, the stark face, polished band, and precision quartz movement create a timepiece that will truly speak to you. Explore the depth of calculated design with the Hyde, Ebony & Iron. Our motives and our designs are emboldened by our natural ventures. Our methods and our timepieces are powered by modern mechanics. JORD is the bridge between raw material and refined design.

JORD ( pronounced: /yōd/ )

The JORD design is wholly influenced by the physical world that surrounds us, and we mean that quite literally. Our modern lives have introduced ease and efficiency in nearly every bit of our day, yet we are eternally and emphatically drawn towards the natural environment that lies just beyond our concrete expanse. There is an inherent freedom in those unmarked paths and we feel a perpetual pull to be set loose in that which is unplanned and unfamiliar. Though we’ll always return to more contemporary and comfortable contexts, the effects of our expeditions are ever lasting. The pull between the fixed and the free is deeply rooted in our origins and JORD will always operate within this parity. Our motives and our designs are emboldened by our natural ventures. Our methods and our timepieces are powered by modern mechanics. JORD is our bridge between raw material and refined design. Why bind these 2 constructs through watches? Watches have the distinct ability to not only tell time, but to possess a moment. A hard earned achievement, a statement of style, or discovery of one’s self. When you wear a watch, you wear that moment and a simple glance can return you to it. The JORD line is created to be worthy of those moments. Each crafted piece is as unique and intricate as an instant.

Luxury Natural Hardwoods

Found in East Africa, ebony wood has a high saturation of color and a natural glossy sheen. Due to the depth of tone the typically straight grain is not easily made out, though it is fine and uniform in texture. The hardness of ebony can make it challenging to work with so tools are routinely checked and sharpened to reduce pulling and poor edging.

Precision Quartz Movements

Battery Powered Movement (Quartz)
Featured in our Hyde Series.

Display: hours – minutes – seconds – date
Tuning Fork Type: quartz crystal
Frequency: 32,768 Hz
Accuracy: +/- 20 seconds /mo
Battery: silver oxide SR920SW (equiv)
Drive System: 2-pole stepping motor

Durable Sapphire Crystal

Sapphire crystal (a synthetic form of Corundum) is known in the luxury watch world as the definitive material for transparency and durability. The synthetic crystal (aluminum oxide Al2O3) rather is colorless and optically clear. Mechanically, it is second only to diamond as the hardest and most scratch resistant materials on earth. It also has a very high modulus of elasticity and tensile strength, making it extremely versatile and resistant to impact/abrasion.

Something new, with a thing or two borrowed

Our Hyde is special. We set out to capture the minimalism and easy-readability of the Frankie with the small second dial, date dial, and the extra strength of the Conway’s metal links. What we didn’t do was stop there. The two-toned hands, classic Arabic numeral for the date, and subtle tick marks marry that detail and obsession we pride ourselves on. The face is highly-polished and looks simple, yet exquisite by a French cuff, or surrounded by all your friends, just showing off.

Complicated, exquisite, comfortable

Conversation starters mean the conversation has to end. The carefully-selected woods in the Hyde series produce such a beautiful patina they manage to create an ongoing conversation every time your neighbor sees how your Hyde has aged. Walnut, Kosso, and Ebony are desirable woods for a watch; we’ve also managed to produce our first stacked watch. Sandalwood stacked atop Olive wood with ivory. What’s more, as each of these woods gracefully age, the faces of the watches will further complement the color, and be known as a watch worn by a person of class and distinction. In sum? JORD in tuxedo mode.

About the Startup

Describe your products in 3 words.

Perfection, expertly crafted.

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Surprisingly, wood watches have been a segment in the timepiece industry since the early 70’s. Similar to what we’re currently seeing in the market, a desire for more natural products was pervasive across all industries, and particularly in the world of fashion. Unfortunately, similar to other products indicative of that time – the pet rock, or stone mood rings – wood watches were manufactured at a quality that was more consistent with novelty goods. Over the years more brands entered the wood watch market, but the design and the build weren’t making the improvements that you would have expected. When we were introduced to the concept in 2012 it was such an obvious opportunity. For any entrepreneur, finding a product that has obvious room for improvement and potential for elevating an entire segment, is ideal. We knew we had the capability to design and manufacture a true luxury wood watch. Something that could be worn every day, for nearly any occasion, and would be in heavy rotation in anyone’s personal collection. The opportunities we saw for improvement in wood watches, design and durability, remain the driving force of our business today. We aren’t concerned with the competition, we just want to keep steadily improving the industry as a whole. Everyone should have the opportunity to own something as unique as a natural wood watch. Knowing that the majority of the ones that will last will bear the JORD name is a good feeling.

What makes your product special?

Not enough can be said in regards to a consistent and quality driven manufacturing process. Wood is hand chosen from stock in consideration of the gaining and natural color tones. Each piece must go through a drying period so excess water leaves the cells of wood, prior to machining and this time period cannot be rushed. After the wood has been ‘seasoned’ it is then re-evaluated and select pieces are put into production. We start by CNC machining each case and band link. CNC machining is crucial as it allows precision and accuracy, ensuring each piece can later be properly fitted and assembled. After CNC machining, fine detail work is completed and each components is hand-sanded. The pieces are then treated with natural Tung oil which conditions the raw wood and adds a light sheen to the surface, highlighting the natural tone and grain. The case and movement are assembled first, and great care is taken to ensure the movement is properly seated and secure in the wood housing. The separate links are then assembled by hand and attached to the case and clasp. Protective materials are hand placed and our branding tag, to ensure authenticity, is added. Our watches are sold in hand-made, natural cedar wood valet presentation boxes that allow for humidity control, an added protective measure for a wood timepiece. Something many consumers may not realize is that we have by far the best brand support team in our industry. Many ecommerce companies have a reputation for being elusive when customer concerns arise. Our customers can access us through live chat on our website, reach us by phone, message us on Facebook, DM us on Instagram, tweet at us! We have an amazing group of knowledgeable team members who can answer questions about the line, custom engraving, our manufacturing process, watch care, conditioning, operations, you name it – we are so happy to talk with our customers about anything having to do with our company and our line. For customers of JORD, it may be your watch but it’s always going to be our product and we’re going to stand behind it.

What has been the best part of your experience?

The stories, feedback and responses that we get from our customers – I don’t know if we can fully express what they have meant to us and how they continue to keep JORD moving forward on the right path. Our main drives are design and durability and having our customers affirm that we’re delivering on those is all we could have ever hoped to earn. JORD watches are given to celebrate huge occasions. Weddings, graduations, first Mother’s and Father’s days. These watches are really symbols for those moments. We just want to make sure those symbols are around for years to come. Also, we’ve been really fortunate on the other side of creating a business. The team we’ve grown over the last 4 years is more like a family and it’s a lot easier getting through the challenges of growing a business when you have 20 people standing beside you – ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done. All the successes we’ve had mean more knowing that we can share it with an incredible and deserving group of people.

HAND-MADE CONSTRUCTION — features 100% natural Walnut wood, sustainably sourced from Eastern Europe. Genuine sapphire crystal. Battery-powered (silver oxide SR920SW) quartz crystal analog movement powers black and gold hands for ultra-accurate time keeping. A deployment buckle with push button release secures the adjustable wood bracelet (removable metal pins secure links together).
COMFORTABLE, NATURAL and DURABLE — Protected and sealed with tung oil (splash-proof). Unlike leather bands and low-quality metals, our hand-selected, premium hardwoods do not deteriorate or become brittle due to everyday wear. Wood colors are organic and naturally derived and do not contain any stains, dyes or harsh chemicals. Size can be adjusted by adding or removing links with at-home sizing kit, by local jeweler, or by JORD (mail-in).
MENS WATCH — Worn by Men
INCLUDED IN PACKAGE — (1) Hyde Series Wood Watch with black dial in walnut. (1) Watch box. (1) cleaning cloth (1) JORD Preserve citrus oil cleaning pen (1) instruction booklet and supplementary information (1) micro-fiber glass cleaning cloth (1) Retail JORD shipping box. FULL 1 YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY