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(as of Apr 19,2020 18:11:26 UTC – Details)

G-S Hypo Cement, with its unique pinpoint precision applicator, dries crystal clear and stays flexible, making it perfect for a wide variety of precise applications. As a tried and tested product since the 1930s, G-S Hypo Cement is ideal for watchmaking, jewelry repair, beading, industrial Assembly, camera repair, hobbies, model building, and optical applications. Dries water clear and stays clear. Sets in 10 minutes.Excess easily removed with rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover or acetone.

Precision applicator allows precise amount of cement to be applied to intricate parts for exact placement.
Great for: Bead Crafts Works, e.g. secure endknots inside knotcovers, fasten half-drilled gems & pearls onto pin cups and up-eyes, and stick small things to each other.
Hobbies, Crafts, Model Making, Ceramic & Plastic Repair, Fly Fishing Lures
Complete instructions: Included on the box.