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ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS: All Camila Paris accessories are made in France, with designs chosen by masters of the beauty industry. Our designs are at the forefront of fashion, and developed in the hub of European fashion. Our accessories are made of resin. The adjustments we’ve developed in our decades in the beauty industry include the grip link system, french grip system, spring cover protection, and the plastic closure. The grip link hinge removes the metal springs on accessories and replaces them with waterproof and rust resistant clasps, as to allow a firm grip without the most vulnerable parts traditionally on accessories. Spring Cover Protection on our products covers the metal spring and moving pieces of our accessories with a plastic piece to provide a more appealing look and a longer lifespan for the accessory. The French grip, specific to barrettes, prevents breakage on hair and any pulling on the scalp. It also provides a gentle grip for the accessory, allowing it to function even in athletic situations. The Plastic Closure, also specific to barrettes, is our newest innovation. Each piece has a rubberized and plastic closure to ensure a better grip on your hair. ABOUT CAMILA PARIS: Camila Paris has been a staple of the beauty industry for over two decades. As a small family company, we haven’t lost our focus on what’s important – your satisfaction. We’ve established ourselves as the industry standard by constantly pushing the boundaries on what the quality of our accessories should be. Our legacy as a family company has always had us close to your needs. By having such a close relationship with our customers, we’ve expanded our range to include more than 1,200 different styles of accessory. The pinnacle of our decades-long vocation are our Handpainted accessories. Each one is a unique piece, impossible to replicate, all while using traditional European manufacturing techniques to create a truly one-of-a-kind luxury item.

MADE FOR YOU: Our accessories have a wide range of function for all hair types, this accessory is especially designed with curly hair and thick hair in mind. This product is specially designed to grip onto curls and put your hair under control, with a strong spring to stay secure on your head as you go through your day.
AVANT GARDE: Camila Paris leads the hair accessories industry for over 2 decades, innovating unique features such as the spring cover, french grip, and the grip link. While most hair accessories break under daily use, Camila Paris products last a lifetime.
STAPLE OF BEAUTY: With over 1200 different styles of hair accessory, we are constantly adding new hair accessories and innovations to preexisting models. Our products are made of cellulose acetate – a plant-based plastic with little ecological footprint.
EMPOWERING LUXURY: Camila Paris clips aim to bring the luxury of French Fashion for Women to the world. Our chic and effective designs, as well as our bold selection of colors aim to empower you to feel your best in a professional or casual environment.